Hello digital traveller.

For those who don't know me yet, here is a little presentation of myself. (just for you).

Born in Strasbourg between 1789 and 2021 *, between timbered houses, the arms of the “l’ill” river, and “la Petite-France”, I grew up on a steady diet of cheese, sausages and couscous.

Shanghai was the entry point and first experience of my artistic liberation, I survived a short stay in the urban jungle of Phnom Penh. I then fell under the spell of the beautiful bay of Hong Kong, life subsequently brought me to the gates of romantic Prague. Inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

I currently live in London where I dropped my backpack filled with paintbrushes and colors.

I like combing through my hill of whimsical brushes and pencils, fantasizing about the endless 

possibilities that germinate over the lines that curve at full speed.

My art boils down to a “méli-mélo” (mish-mash) that creates a multitude of combinations in which my characters and scenes evolve.I like to share my passion and learn from others.

The lines, the points, the shapes, the colors, a little imagination and a lot of patience are my daily tools for creating. We are all witnesses of our time and we are inspired by it. Each person will interpret it in its own way and depth. Sometimes the trigger is made at a precise moment, by a person, a music, a work of art or other triggering phenomena.

Whether we are inspired by certain artists that we meet, at random in our lives or that we are artists in the making, we shall continue to explore, discover and above all be curious about the life that surrounds us.

To all pleasures of creating, welcome to my mind.

* (1982 for those who are interested)